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Shag Me - Rendorin Swiftblood (He would.. :I )

(( This is an ASK BOX meme and should not be taken as canon IC. Thank you. ))

I do not know what to do.. I hope he does not expect much right away from me.. were Mali’s thoughts when Rendorin eyed her form with a predator’s gaze. He growled low in his throat when the blushing Confessor hid her breasts with her arms due to covering her blushing face. In retaliation, he tugged her closer by pulling at her simple panties.

Mali whimpered and this only drove Rendorin ever the more mad with lust and desire. He was a brash one; quick to entice with impatience. This was her first time and she had completely forgotten about her vows. These vows were very important to her, but her self-made punishment will be apparent later on. Right now, she wasn’t sure at all what to do.

He pressed her softly against the wall and assailed her lips with his own in a fierce battle between her uncertainty and his desire. He brought her leg up and she could feel just how wanton he was for her. Never had she felt such warmth and it was an all too conflicting emotion.

When Rendorin nibbled on her neck, this drove her crazy. She moaned and blushed further with embarrassment. Rendorin found this utterly adorable and played it to his advantage. He’d drag his fingers down her sides and thrusted deeply into her clothed person. This went on for quite a while before finally they were both undressed and sweating from the deed.

Kalimatra laid in the bed, dumbfounded as to what happened. Spiraling emotions of love and shame drove her mind nuts. She would address this to him in the morning. But for now, she really wanted to cuddle.

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